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The Idea

In January 2019, mum of two, Charmain, found herself completely overwhelmed with the amount of children’s stuff she had acquired.

Piles of barely worn, yet outgrown baby clothes, mountains of redundant toys with so much life left in them, baby equipment too good to simply bin, the list goes on.

Many weeks were spent looking at it, wondering what to do with it all. A room full of children’s stuff that held so much value, both financial and sentimental.

In an ideal world, Charmain wanted to put aside a few sentimental items and sell the rest. However, the reality is, preloved children’s items hold very little financial value, especially given the fast fashion of today and how cheaply you can pick things up new.

Following a conversation with a good friend, the idea of Bundely was born.

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What is Bundely

Have you ever been lucky enough to be one of those new parents who are gifted a big bag of either free, or insanely cheap preloved children’s items from a friend or neighbour. At a time when money is tight and anxiety levels are often high, it’s such a lovely feeling sorting through it all, knowing that it hasn’t cost the world. Some of it is not to your liking, other bits are perfect for layering purposes, or spares to be kept at the grandparents, while other items become new favourites.

On the flip side, have you ever looked at a pile of your own child’s outgrown toys, clothes, equipment, feeling hugely overwhelmed about what to do with it all? Money is tight, your child has new needs, be it clothes, toys or even shoes. You wish that you could just sell the preloved items, making a bit of cash to put towards the new things but, having tried other selling sites, had no luck in shifting it all?

Meet Bundely, the go-to-site for parents, which connects local parents with one another, enabling them to buy and sell Bundles of preloved children’s items, in a quick and convenient way, and at bargain prices.

All we ask from you, as a seller, is that you price your items appropriately. Unfortunately, Bundely does not offer a magic way to give preloved items a higher financial value. If you genuinely want to declutter your home of redundant preloved items, it is important to think about what you would personally pay for such items. It is understandable that to you, an adorable item that you’ve loved your little one wearing , would be worth a lot, but to another parent, it is simply seen as a preloved item and we ask you to consider this when it comes to pricing.

As a buyer, all we ask is that you give back to the Bundely community by listing your own items when they are no longer of any use to you and your family.

You can find out more about how Bundely works here

The Bundely Mission

We’re on a mission to revolutionise the way parents buy and sell preloved children’s items by offering a free and efficient way to find a new home for it all. Bundely is a simple, friendly platform where mums, dads and carers can buy and sell with other local parents so that preloved items can go on to be loved again.

We can’t promise to make you a fortune from your children’s preloved items. However, we do aim to;

  • * Give you satisfaction in knowing that you will be supporting another local family by selling them a bundle of items at a reduced and fair price.
  • * Help you find plenty of preloved children’s items at bargain prices.
  • * Help you declutter your home quickly and conveniently, making space for everything that it important to you and your family in the present moment.
  • * Help you personally reduce your environmental footprint by ensuring your children’s items are reused to their full potential.