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How to Declutter your Children’s Shoes and Find the Perfect Storage Solution in 2019

How to Declutter your Children’s Shoes and Find the Perfect Storage Solution in 2019

“The perfect place for shoes is in a jumble by the front door!” said no parent ever.

And yet it so often happens. Kids rush in to the house, eager to get to the TV or a snack, kicking their shoes off in all directions. Their footwear is forgotten until it’s time to dash out for the next round of activities, whereupon chaos reigns and it’s up to mum to sort out the cluttered mound and assign everyone the correct pair of shoes.

Fortunately, there’s a better way to store children’s shoes than in an untidy muddle.

Read on to take control of the situation, declutter your shoes and get organised with some great storage solutions.

Step 1: These boots are made for walking… not cluttering up your hallway

Muddy Wellies

Sort out all the shoes. Yes, all of them. Go through every piece of footwear and find out whether any are too small or worn out. Shoes made by different manufacturers may vary so it’s worth checking every pair, especially footwear designed to have a closer fit, such as trainers.

Don’t neglect pairs that haven’t been worn for a while. Anything that’s been outgrown or has fallen from favour can be moved on to a new home; children get through shoes so quickly that footwear is likely to have plenty of life for someone else to enjoy.

Step 2: Step up to the storage challenge

How many pairs of shoes does your family need ready to grab at a moment’s notice? Make sure you have enough space to accommodate them, because otherwise you’re set for a ‘shoe-nami’ to hit in the very near future.

Consider looking for a storage option to maximise space and organisation: there are plenty of solutions out there, from purpose-built racks and cubby holes to fabric hanging pockets and more. You can even repurpose something else, like a small bookshelf, or use a bench with baskets tucked underneath. How about hanging shoes from pegs, ready to grab and go?

Step 3: Put your foot down

Allocate each child (and adult!) a shelf, basket, or cubby hole for their footwear, and get the whole family into the habit of using them whenever they remove their shoes.

It’ll take time to become routine, but stick with it; the minutes you’ll save in each mad dash to leave the house when everyone can find their footwear will repay you hundreds of times over for the few seconds of gentle (or not so!) reminders.

Check in with yourself too, making sure you’re leading by example to get the best results from everyone else.

Step 4: Toe the line

Each time one of your kids outgrows a pair of shoes, check the rest of their footwear. It’s all too easy to let last winter’s boots hang around for another few months on the off-chance, but an expanding collection of outgrown footwear is never going to help you to stay decluttered.

On top of this, have a full shoe audit every three months. Not only will this help remove surplus footwear, but will have the added benefit of a heads-up when a pair of shoes is becoming less roomy.

Wellies and beach shoes may have a looser fit, so you can’t always rely on the size printed on the bottom – get your child to try them on. Don’t forget, if you’re not confident in assessing whether younger children have outgrown their shoes, most shoe shops are happy to give you a free fit check.

So there you have it, four simple steps to shoe-storage paradise! Put your best foot forward and step up to the challenge of decluttered shoes. Tag @bundelyuk to share your tidy shoe pictures with us, we can’t wait to see them!

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