Selling on Bundely: 5 Top Tips
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Selling on Bundely: 5 Top Tips

Selling on Bundely: 5 Top Tips

So you’ve had a sort through your children’s items and you’re ready to start listing on Bundely?

Here are some of our top tips for getting a quick sale…

1. Consider your Bundle groupings

Baby Boy Ralph Lauren BundleSome people may like to buy a huge Bundle of say 40 12-18 month clothes while others may prefer just 3 sets of dungarees. Feel free to list any size Bundle, big or small (our system allows for that) but just bear in mind that sometimes larger Bundles may take a little longer to sell.

When listing, you will be required to select one of our 10 categories but you may also want to subdivide your items yourself into themes. For example, if you want to sell on all your baby toys, rather than selling a big Bundle of say 20 toys, you may wish to separate them into Bundles of types of toys: musical, cuddly toys, wooden toys etc.

Other grouping ideas:

  • Bedding: separate into different items (blankets, sleeping bags etc) or by age
  • Clothes: as well as age you could consider seasons, brands or items
  • Books: by age, author or theme
  • Shoes: by season, size or a run of sizes
  • Toys: by age or items
  • Bedroom Decor & Furniture: by theme or colour
  • Maternity Wear: by size, season or occasion
  • Accessories: offer a set comprising of a hat, scarf and mittens or a set of hats for a specific season
  • Baby Equipment: by theme such as breastfeeding-related equipment or safety-related items
  • Mixed Bundles: this category is perfect to group items from various categories into one. For example you could offer a newborn Bundle with some clothes, baby equipment and toys.

2. Price realistically

Piggy BankRemember, whilst selling on Bundely IS about recouping some of your initial outlay, it’s also about avoiding the overwhelming task of selling items on individually, reclaiming space in your home and allowing items to live on.

So bear this in mind when setting your prices. Bundles priced too high will naturally take longer to sell and you may end up having to drop the price.

It’s also worth noting that you can choose between Fixed and Negotiable prices. It’s entirely up to you which you opt for but if you do choose Negotiable it’s still worth inputting a rough figure for the price you’re looking to achieve. Putting in arbitrary numbers like £123 and £111 are likely to put people off.

3. Photos

Baby Girl Dress Bundle

Remember photos display horizontally on Bundely so it’s best to take them in landscape mode.

Buyers tend to like to see a group shot of the items and then close ups of some of the key items.

Placing a group shot of the items as the first image will help people that are browsing notice your Bundle.

4. Tag your listing

Be sure to make use of as many of the tags as possible to help buyers find your listing. These include things such as age/size, items, condition, gender and Bundle size (small 2-6 items, medium 7-11 items and large 12+ items).

This will help those buyers who know what they’re looking for and want to make use of the advanced search functionality.

5. Put key information into your title

Enter SignAlthough some buyers will search using tags alone, others will like to browse all items in a given category. That means you need your listing to stand out.

Key information like brands, age and gender can really help buyers see your Bundle amongst the rest.

And there you have it…our top selling tips.

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