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September Sort Out

September Sort Out

So September has arrived, how did that even happen!? It only feels like yesterday that the children finished for summer, and I was filled with dread regarding how I was going to entertain them for the duration of the holidays (and how I was going to find any time at all to get my work done).

Yet here I am, sat reminiscing about the summer, wanting to do it all over again. One thing I’m looking forward to over the coming month however, is decluttering. Doing a good sort out of all my children’s outgrown STUFF. By stuff, I’m talking about the summer clothes that are spilling out of the drawers, the toys that have sat dusty and unused all summer, the dried Playdoh taking up space in the craft cupboard and everything else sat unused and taking up valuable space in my home.

September is a great month for this type of sort out. With the kids back at school it’s the perfect time to really get into it, without them picking up every item in your ‘rehome’ pile and it becoming their most prized possession. The weather is rapidly changing, which means those adorable summer clothes can go, the kids managed to almost outgrow them in the blink of an eye over the summer period, so there is no chance of them fitting next year. And it’s also the perfect time to sort everything out before the Christmas season starts, making space for all the new stuff that the festive period brings.

So if you’re sat thinking ‘I really want to get on top of all my children’s stuff but have no idea where to start’, we’ve compiled a list of our top tips to get you started.

How to Declutter

Decluttering can be overwhelming. From not knowing where to start to not wanting to part with things, it can be such a difficult task to get into. Here at Bundely, we recommend starting small, like really small. We’re not talking ‘one room in the house’ small, we literally mean ‘your child’s wardrobe’, ‘the shelves in your child’s room’ or ‘under your child’s bed’.

By focusing your efforts to one area in a room, it means you will get a greater sense of achievement in a more manageable time frame. You will also avoid the all too common problem of pulling everything out, making a huge pile of mess, looking at it and realising it’s all too much and that you don’t have time to get through it all; and ultimately end up shoving it all wherever it will fit to deal with another time.

When to Declutter

The great thing about decluttering is that you don’t have to set aside a huge amount of time to see results. Let’s be honest, as a parent we barely get a free moment to use the toilet alone, let alone a whole day to declutter the house.

If you follow the plan above, and break the room down into small sections, you can declutter a few drawers here and there while your children are playing, or get under their bed or in the toy box while they are at nursery/school. You get the idea, just sorting things little and often around your other family commitments goes a long way to help you feel on top of it all.

What to Declutter

Children have a lot of stuff, and often the sight of it can overwhelm any parent. Whether it’s drawers overflowing with clothes, toy boxes full of unused toys or a garage full of redundant baby equipment, it never makes for comfortable viewing.

I recommend you start with getting rid of the easy stuff. By easy stuff we mean the broken toys, the puzzles that are missing pieces and the clothes that have stains on. All the stuff that you know can’t be resold or passed on.

You’d be surprised at how much you declutter by doing this, and the whole situation will immediately look less overwhelming, leaving you free to sort the rest of the stuff.

Why Declutter?

Clutter is stressful, it really is. When piles of clothes build up on the stairs because the drawers are full, the toy boxes won’t shut easily because they are crammed full of toys, and everything falls from kitchen cupboards when you open them because they are full of baby equipment you no longer use, it can make daily living far more difficult than it needs to be.

A study by found that the most stress inducing element of parenting is having a messy home, and I can well believe it to be true. Having a child brings with it so many responsibilities and challenges, and not to mention STUFF. The amount a child accumulates in such short periods of time is somewhat unbelievable and if you don’t keep on top of it, it can quickly become out of control.

At Bundely, we are all about breaking tasks down to achieve great things. If you have a selection of summer dresses that have plenty of life left in them, or a few redundant but nearly new baby toys, simply take a picture and list them on Bundely in 5 quick minutes.

There’s no time like the present… Sometimes clutter can be so overwhelming, and can build up at such a fast rate because we put off dealing with it.

It doesn’t matter how much or little you declutter in a day, any progress is good progress.

Just remember that clutter represents indecision. Make a decision and start to clear the clutter today 💛

If you’ve take part in any of our September Sort Out so far, share your photos on social media using #septembersortout, we would love to see them all!


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