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What Makes a Great Listing on Bundely?

What Makes a Great Listing on Bundely?

Want to get your Bundle noticed on Bundely to ensure a quick sale? Here’s our guide to a great listing…

Bundle up your items

The first thing you need to decide is which items you’re going to Bundle up together. The kinds of groupings will depend on what sort of items you’re looking to sell. Remember that closer themed items and smaller Bundles are more likely to sell quickly. Here are some examples of how you might group items:

  • Clothes by age and season
  • Toys by age and theme
  • Books by the same author
  • Maternity clothes by dress size and season
  • Bedroom decor in the same theme or colour scheme
  • Shoes by size and season


Aim to write a descriptive title including some key details about your Bundle such as size, number of items or brand. Although you’ll also use tick boxes in the next stage to specify the attributes of the Bundle, some people like to search using keywords in the search bar.Listing Title


Ensure you select the MOST relevant category for your listing. You can choose from one of 10 options: clothes, accessories, toys, baby equipment, maternity wear, bedroom decor & furniture, shoes, books, bedding and mixed Bundles. A mixed Bundle could contain items from several other categories but there would need to be an overriding theme that groups them together. For example you could put together a newborn Bundle that includes both bedding and baby equipment.


Make sure you choose a realistic price for your Bundle. Remember that generally second-hand children’s items don’t hold their value. Better to rehome items and make some extra pocket money than have things piling up and collecting dust at home. You can also choose whether the price is fixed or negotiable so if you’re open to offers, choosing negotiable can be a great way of piquing the interest of prospective buyers.

Considerations when pricing your Bundle:
  • Condition of items
  • Size of Bundle
  • Brands – some brands will attract higher prices than others
  • Demand – selling a Christmas outfit Bundle in December is likely to attract more attention than in June and may therefore attract a higher price


We recommend a shot of the full Bundle as the first photo on your listing to attract attention in the search results and quickly get across to potential buyers an overview of what is on offer. After that, individual shots or smaller groupings for larger Bundles will allow potential buyers to browse through the items.

Top tip: we highly recommend that you use landscape photos as this format works better on Bundley

Photos should be clear and ideally on an uncluttered background.



Use our quick and easy tick box system to tag up your listing. The tags available will depend on which category you are listing in and will include things like size, brand type, size of Bundles (small 2-6 items, medium 7-11 items, large 12+ items), items, gender and condition. Please select all that apply. The more of these you can fill in, the more discoverable your Bundle will be on the advanced search function.


Use this as an opportunity to add any additional details that you’ve not yet included. A break down of what’s included in the Bundle can be useful. You can also include things like whether it’s from a smoke and/or pet free home.

Contact Details

The mobile number field is optional. If you do not include a phone number, buyers will be able to contact you through the internal messaging system and you’ll receive an email notification to let you know you’ve received a message. If you would prefer to be contacted by text message or phone, input your mobile number and put a note in the description about your preferred contact method.


It’s up to you how prescriptive you want to be here – e.g. whether you put in your village or the nearest postal town. The only thing we do ask is that you type in the town and then select from the drowdown list rather than just typing in the town. This will ensure your listing shows up for relevant radius searches.

And that’s it! Listing on Bundely is really easy and takes just a few minutes. So what are you waiting for? List your first Bundle here

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